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Slide Out Css/Javascript Menu For Blogger


So far I have shared a slide in menu for blogger and today I am back with a new menu, it is a slide out menu. You can see it how it works in the above image. It is very unique menu as you can see it has icons, a responsive search box and cool follow buttons. You can see a live demo of this menu here. It is designed with css and javascript qnd it is good for those blogs which are congested or responsive, good for congested blogs because it doesn't take space on blogs, it is hidden until the trigger is clicked and good for responsive blogs because of its responsive design. Because of icons it looks more good and it resembles to wordpress menus. In this post I will show you how to add this menu in your blog and also how to customize this menu.

Follow below steps to add this menu in you blog:

Step 1: Go to your blog and click on layout in the menu on left side.

Step 2: Click on add a gadget and scroll down to Html/javascript.

Step 3: Copy below code and paste it into Html/javascript tab:

Step 5: Replace hashes(#) with your tabs and social networks links.

Step 6: Click on save and you are done successfully!


  • Replace hashes(#) with your tabs and social network links.
  • Change code of the color in the highlighted piece of code to change hover color of tabs(  background: #67B045;).
  • Replace the text of tabs with your desired text.
  • To add a new tab add the below code in menu code section:

<li><a href='#'><img src="" style="position: relative;top: 3px;" /><span>  Product 1</span></a></li>

         Replace the black colored link with icon of your tab. Get menu icons                                  at

Hope you like this menu and it is working fine on your blog. Give me your feedback below. Share this post with others and subscribe to get latest news about blogger menus. Keep visiting 101Helper :).

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